Each monthly meetup keeps improving, and this month's gathering was exceptional. After enjoying a delightful lunch sponsored by Tyesha Peak from Pruitt Health and Walter Parker from Mobility Works @ home.

Kristine Arnau from Mecklenburg County presented a valuable session on "Money Smart for Older Adults". In today's world, there are countless scammers targeting people, and even the most intelligent individuals can become victims. Ms. Arnau shared her expertise on various tactics and techniques used by scammers, enlightening the attendees on what to watch out for. The caregivers present were highly engaged and interacted with great enthusiasm.

Mind-Body Connection

Money Smart

Kristen's presentation objectives were to:

§ Recognize and reduce the risk of elder financial exploitation

§ Guard against identity theft

§ Plan for unexpected loss of the ability to manage your finances

§ Prepare financially for disasters

§ Find other helpful resources on managing money and reporting financial exploitation

Click on the image below to download the power point presentation

Egg Hunt

The caregivers had a great time participating in an exciting egg hunt before and during lunch. As they explored the venue, eggs were cleverly hidden in various nooks and crannies, adding an element of thrill to the event. Each egg contained a slip of paper with a special gift written on it. The caregivers eagerly searched, striving to find eggs. Their efforts were rewarded at the end of the meetup, where they could claim the gifts listed on the slips of paper. This enjoyable activity brought joy and excitement to the caregivers' day, creating fond memories and leaving them with a sense of delight and gratitude.

Taboo is always a crowd pleaser! Everyone had so much fun. The two teams exuberated so much excitement that even the onlookers were cheering and laughing along. The energy in the room was contagious as players strategized and guessed the forbidden words. Laughter filled the air with each correct guess and playful taunts when time ran out. The game became a perfect blend of competition and camaraderie, with everyone fully engaged and invested in the outcome. It was a joyous atmosphere, where bonds were formed and memories were created. Taboo truly brought people together, creating moments of pure enjoyment and fostering a sense of togetherness.