Every contribution helps a Caregiver in need. You may be a family caregiver – have been one – or are about to become one. If so, then you know about the daily challenges of finding resources to provide the best care possible for those you love. The Frankie Mae Foundation is dedicated to advocating for the Caregiver as a whole person. We strive to empower, inspire and improve the quality of life for families to advance family caregiving through research, programs, services, awareness, and resources.

These are not just words about our mission – this is our passion! Our research truly does make a difference. We make sure your donation goes into the hands of agencies who advocate for caregivers and many others to ensure that decision-makers and families are empowered with the most reliable, objective and current information available.

Your tax deductible donation can make a lasting difference in many peoples’ lives – perhaps even your own.

Please consider company matching with your employer. Many companies support their employees preferred nonprofits of choice. Look into your company's community outreach efforts. They may support your volunteer hours and/or match your financial giving.

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Thank you so much for your generous donation to the Frankie Mae Foundation!