Happy Anniversary to the Frankie Mae Foundation! Time truly flies when you are passionate about what you do. Our mission will always be to advocate for Caregivers and enhance their quality of life. It brings us immense joy to see how far we have come since the inception of our foundation's Caregiver Meet up two years ago. From a small room with about 12 caregivers, to today, when we had a remarkable attendance of 98. This growth and the impact we have made fills us with extensive pride. We will continue to work diligently towards our goal, supporting caregivers and making a positive difference in their lives. Here's to a successful 3 years and many more to come!

A special thanks to our lunch sponsors, Elizabeth Willis from Randolph Medical Pharmacy and Heather Porter and Dom Dellosa from Synergy Home Care, for generously sharing their valuable information with the caregivers. Their engaging personalities and extensive knowledge made them the perfect choice to kick off our Caregiver Meet up. We are extremely grateful for their contribution and the wealth of information they brought to our event. Their insights and expertise will undoubtedly benefit our caregivers and enhance the quality of care they provide. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Elizabeth, Heather, and Dom for their invaluable support and participation.

Our executive director, Venitra White-Dean, and Board of Director Chairman, Henrico White, (top left) enjoyed their time interacting and connecting with the caregivers. It was a delightful experience for them as well as the caregivers. The caregivers were treated with a delicious lunch, as well as receiving a caregivers journal to document their experiences. Moreover, they were pleasantly surprised with various gifts that were given throughout the day. The event was a great opportunity for everyone involved to share stories, exchange ideas, and foster a supportive community for caregivers.

Dr. Macie Smith, a renowned Gerontology Social Worker and a celebrated Alzheimer's and Dementia educator and writer, was the distinguished speaker of the day. With her vibrant and lively personality, she effortlessly captivated the audience. Her presentation was not only informative but also entertaining, keeping everyone engaged throughout. Dr. Smith's vast knowledge on the subject was evident in her confident delivery and the depth of her insights. As she spoke, the room filled with delight and joy, as evidenced by the mesmerized expressions on the faces of those in attendance. It was truly a pleasure to witness such a remarkable speaker, whose passion and expertise left a lasting impact on all who had the privilege to listen to her.

 Dr. Macie Smith

After a question and answer session with Dr. Macie, the caregivers were surprised by a visit from county commissioner George Dunlap. He warmly greeted everyone and expressed his appreciation for the invaluable work they do. Commissioner Dunlap emphasized the importance of caregivers and their dedication to improving the lives of others.

After the greeting, The caregivers were able to shop in the caregivers store for free necessities for them and their loved ones. The caregivers were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for this monthly gesture of recognition and support. Commissioner Dunlap's visit was a reminder that the community is aware of the vital role caregivers play in our community, and their selfless commitment to the well-being of those they care for.

The book signing event with Dr. Macie and the caregivers was a tremendous success. The caregivers were eager and excited to acquire their copies of Dr. Macie's latest book "A Dementia Caregiver's Guide to Care" signing. The atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation as people lined up patiently, clutching their books and exchanging warm conversations. Dr. Macie, with her signature smile and gentle demeanor, engaged with each person individually, taking the time to listen thank them for their support. It was a truly heartwarming event, filled with gratitude, inspiration, and a sense of community.

Book signing with Dr. Macie

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