What a wonderful turnout we had for our February meetup! It was an amazing and glorious time filled with laughter and chatter as the caregivers enjoyed their lunch. During the event, Randolph Medical Pharmacy generously offered free vaccines to all the caregivers present. No only did they offer COVID, Shingles and flu vaccines. The Pharmacy had the ability to look up your medical records to administer the vaccines that were needed. In addition, Jean Busby and Blanch Penn from Action NC gave a $25 gift card to each individual who received a vaccine.

Music and Worship

What a fantastic panel of healthcare and wellness advisors! The panel consisted of five highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals. Jalecia Jones from Center-Well, Dejah Alston from Village Heartbeat, Sheila Back from Atrium, Dr. Kareem Puranda from Self-Talk Counseling, and Venitra White-Dean from Frankie Mae Foundation all participated in this event. They shared valuable information and eagerly answered questions from the audience. Their expertise and dedication to promoting health and wellness were evident throughout the discussion. It was a truly enlightening and inspiring experience to hear from such a diverse group of experts, each bringing their unique perspectives and insights to the table. The attendees left feeling well-informed and motivated to take better care of their health.

Health Care and Wellness Panel