Vendors are a great way to inform Caregivers

We had a room full of eager to learn Caregivers

We had two speakers, Mike Mannion from The Alzheimer Association and Dr. Julian Montoro-Rodriguez Ph. D. from Caregiver (TLC- Thrive, Learn, Connect).

Mike Mannion Presented Managing Money: A Caregivers Guide to Finance. Everyone took-a-way something beneficial from the vital information that he presented. His question to everyone was, "How much do you know about managing money?" Mike let everyone know that there is a free online program by the Alzheimer’s Association that will help you learn about the costs of caregiving and the benefits of early planning, it will also teach you how to avoid financial abuse and fraud, start a conversation about finances, assess financial and legal needs, and find support.

Everything has been impacted since COVID-19, Therefore it's not surprising that caregivers, educators, and health professionals are turning to technology to help patients and their family caregivers to reduce their burden, stress, and depression and to preserve quality of life. Dr. Montoro-Rodriguez talked about the 6 week program that The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in collaboration with The Optimal Aging Center has developed; the Caregiver Thrive, Learn, Connect (TLC) Program. Caregiver TLC offers FREE ONLINE support to CAREGIVERS providing care to people with memory loss, dementia, or chronic health illness.


February Birthday's


Karaoke was so much fun! Everyone had a blast singing everything from Tina Turner to YMCA.

Caregivers enjoy shopping at the end of the Meet up